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You’re a small business or non-profit. Your brand new website is hosted by a reputable service like GoDaddy or HostGator and it’s built in the latest version of WordPress. You’re confident that no one would hack you. Besides, who would want to?

The fact is, no website is safe because all websites are under constant attack. Even if your site isn’t a trophy target, it may be harmed by automated bots. 99% of attacks on small business websites are made by bots scanning for vulnerabilities.

One day you open your site to find it’s now a rainbow-coloured directory of links for Viagra. What happened? In this case, you’ve been infected with a malware/virus that scanned your site and embedded links that send your bewildered clients to another website. These parasitic websites pay hackers to do this in order to increase their traffic and make money per each click, all at your expense.

Odds are that your site hasn’t been singled out, and nobody holds any grudges against you. But it is likely that your site has outdated plugins and themes—or worse—an outdated version of WordPress. These leave your website highly vulnerable to easy attacks. Even a new website built using the latest versions of components and WordPress must be monitored and its security kept up-to-date to avoid harm.

Unless other arrangements are made, your website’s security is your responsibility. To keep it current, updates must be performed whenever Plugin and WordPress updates are issued, and these occur weekly, even daily. You’ll also want to determine if damage is being done, even if you can’t immediately detect it. Many small businesses don’t have the time, expertise or tools to perform regular security checks and scans for infections.

Essential monitoring and security tools are available as software and by subscription. Predictably, all the necessary tools are not available as a bundle, and it’s expensive to purchase them individually. Check with your webmaster, he/she has access to these tools and can provide them for your website at a much lower cost while assuming all responsibility for your site’s security. This choice delivers ample security and lets you focus on what’s most important—your business.

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