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Decision-making science has evolved significantly in recent years. Insights and results of this research are incorporated into Powernoodle 2.0 to avoid and solve problems like ordering bias and decision fatigue.

“Better decision-making is inevitable with Powernoodle,” says Deb Krizmanich, Powernoodle CEO, “because the technology recognizes that we are all different in how we work, how we process, and how we decide – both as individuals and in groups. Groupthink is inherently risky. While most organizations value diverse inputs on decisions, they are often without the means or processes to capture and apply them effectively and consistently. That’s exactly where Powernoodle adds value.”

For more, visit http://www.powernoodle.com/press/article/gartner-names-powernoodle-a-cool-vendor-in-program-and-portfolio-manag

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